Keynotes, Speaking Engagements, and training

I speak and train on including but not limited to the following subjects, and curate and cater them to the needs of your company and staff.

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Intl Pronoun Day/ qpoc, gnc, & trans Allyship

Pronoun Training & Inclusive Language  

Trans, & GNC ABCs: Gender Binary, Gender Identity, Gender Pronouns, and Gender Expression

Intersectionality, QPoC, and LGBTQ+ 

My Story of She / They: GNC & Trans Becoming & Women's Empowerment 

Public Speaking And inclusivity

For AAPI, BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, Neurodivergent Speakers, or the Intersectionally Diverse

For the Introvert, Ambivert, Disruptor, or Multitalented

Inclusive Communication 

Cultures of Silence in Speech and Protest

whole person and holistic approach for Public Speaking 

Using Breath, Embodiment, and Storytelling 

Listening to Diverse Staff With Empathy and Belonging

How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Reclaiming Our Bodies with Movement and Storytelling

dei, Career, & interviewing Strategies

Set Them Up for Success: Conducting Inclusive Interviews and How to Recruit, Gain, and Retain Diverse Staff

Unconscious Biases: What are LGBTQ / GNC / Trans Biases, Awareness of Biases, and Prevention 

How to Deal with DEI Resistance

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